Yorku creative writing program

We ask questions about how environmental, economic, social, political and cultural processes shape how the world functions or fails to function. Term work must be submitted by the first day of the official examination period of the term in which the course ends.

Department of Sociology Location: Students are required to complete assignments due on specific dates and to write supervised exams at the university or an alternative postsecondary institution as scheduled.

Students on debarment warning must achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 4. For details about the program requirements in the Faculty of Science, students should consult the Faculty. Students who have completed 90 passed credits but less than passed credits with a cumulative and major average of 5.

Department of Political Science Location: Students may be interested in augmenting their Honours undergraduate degree in communication studies with graduate studies or media-specific training at an Ontario community college for details visit http: Blended courses combine the best of both teaching methods.

Department of Social Science Location: Prospective students are reminded that Creative Writing is an Honours only program, obliging both prospective students and continuing majors to maintain Honours Standing. Your LOP will not be processed if there are outstanding debts on your University account.

Kerry Doyle The Writing Department offers courses within a professional writing degree program as well as a variety of other credit courses which may be taken to help students develop their research and writing skills, both academic and professional.

Reapplying after debarment Students who have been debarred and who wish to resume their studies must apply for re-admission through the Admissions Office http: The Department of Equity Studies DES offers a learning environment that values diversity and supports social equality. The department also offers Honours BA, Honours iBA and BA degrees in Canadian studies, children's studies, classics, classical and Hellenic studies, culture and expression, East Asian studies, European studies, individualized studies, Jewish studies and Religious studies.

How are deferred standings arranged? It provides students with an understanding of the social environments that shape their interests, opportunities, and identities. Amanda Glasbeek Undergraduate Program Director: Students seeking direct entry to a Certificate of Completion program must submit a written application when applying for admission to the University.

All courses are open to students studying in other units, unless otherwise indicated. Students on academic warning who fail to meet the academic warning conditions must withdraw for 12 months. Students will be exited from the program and eligible to transfer to another degree program provided they meet the program standing requirements of the program they are transferring into.

Please refer to the Policies and Regulations section of the Undergraduate Calendar for further information about deferred standing, academic petitions and appeal guidelines. With our location in one of the most diverse places in the globe, we attract a student body that is also as diverse. They may focus on management issues in applied business fields or on financial markets and instruments or, more generally, on those aspects of social behaviour and those institutions which are involved in the allocation of scarce resources among alternative uses.

Further information about admissibility, application procedures, courses available and fees may be obtained at Registrarial Services. Philip Walsh Undergraduate Program Director: Students on program warning, within the next 24 credits taken, must raise the cumulative grade point average to at least 5.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies considers academic advising to cover a number of complementary areas related to assisting students: You may also be required to provide proof of language proficiency. For purposes of meeting program requirements, all nine-credit general education foundation courses will count as six credits towards the major or minor.

The Deferred Standing Agreement does not apply. They must be conducted under fair conditions which allow students to demonstrate what they have learned. When a submission deadline occurs on a weekend or holiday, requests will be accepted up until the end of the next available business day.

Students who have completed 90 passed credits with a cumulative and major average of 5. They will prepare you for an exciting array of elective courses in the following years. Graduating with an Honours BCom degree.

Two major assumptions inform this program: A series of courses in a specific area of study that form a distinctive complement to studies in an undergraduate major discipline.

Dennis Pilon The Department of Political Science is a vibrant community of scholars, practitioners, dedicated teachers and engaged citizens. Cross-listed courses may not be double counted in order to fulfill degree requirements. Students who have been required to withdraw may submit a petition requesting permission to continue their studies without interruption.

Joanne Jones Financial Accounting and Governance: The Writing Department offers courses within a professional writing degree program as well as a variety of other credit courses which may be taken to help students develop their research and writing skills, both academic and professional.

Certificate Activities for Non-credit: All students are required to: Students take a minimum of 21 general education credits as follows: Students who do not meet the conditions outlined above may continue their studies only in a BA degree program.

The primary objective of the Program in Creative Writing is to give students who have the talent and the ambition for a writing career the opportunity to develop that talent significantly and to make it the focus of a program of university study. It is distinct from a defined undergraduate degree program, stream, specialization or formal concentration. Students who have completed less than 90 passed credits, whose cumulative grade point average is below 5.

At the point of completing 90 passed credits students who have not attained the minimum cumulative and major grade point average of 5. Instruction is based on students' course assignments, usually on the draft of an essay, or other writing assignment, in progress.

BDEM students who upon completion of 90 passed credits whose cumulative and major grade point average is below 5. Student Engagement Get involved. Although liberal arts and professional studies and education courses are taken concurrently, they are counted separately by each Faculty. Tests and examinations are important parts of the educational process.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies has no provision for the rewriting of a final examination to improve a mark. Students opting to initiate an academic petition should be assured that confidentiality is a hallmark of this process. Students seeking direct entry to a certificate program must submit written application when applying for admission to the University. When students do not or cannot write a mid-term examination not held during the formal examination period , alternate arrangements to write the mid-term examination should be made within the duration of the course by the course director and individual student at the discretion of the course director.

Your application will be reviewed by an admissions sub-committee. The course outline contains academic and text requirements. The following regulations apply to required withdrawals: University residency requirements apply. Unless Senate agrees to explicit exemptions, eligibility to proceed in or graduate from an undergraduate degree program will not be based on a minimum grade requirement for each major course.