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It was intended for those who had experienced homelessness. Voices from the Front Lines of Healthcare, will be available in March, If you attended an Obama rally, probably heard one or two of them speak as part of the program.

Since graduating with a theatre degree focusing on directing and design, I have been a show business maid-of-all-work with a short attention span. Assistant technology manager at the University of Vermont, To narrow the list, select desired features and click the "Search" button:. His interests include cash transfer programs, financial inclusion, moral finance, conflict dynamics, corruption, political decision-making, and sports both outdoor and indoor including table tennis in which he is the undisputed, feared and revered champion of the ideas42 office.

We are still big fans! Having THE KEY coach in our home, working closely with our children and my wife and me, helped us prevent pushing our children in the wrong direction, choosing certain colleges just because we thought they were the best choice when there were others that fit their needs and aspirations better. Kachemak Bay Writers' Conference. She began her career in marketing and social media by working for two major San Francisco advertising agencies, and then began to pursue the publishing side of the business.

He has also had poems in a number of journals and anthologies. Deputy chief of staff and communications director to U. In the states there were a few Obama for America staff—typically the state director, the communications staff and the digital director—and a much more extensive Organizing for America team. I spent months getting ready to make the leap into web development. Thanks again for all your help.

She is also an Associate Producer for The Source Festival, a three-week new play festival in the summer, and has been directing some small projects in DC as well. Graduate of Stanford University. Eventually, I started poking around on Codecademy and doing some minor coding challenges. Indiana University Writers' Conference Rose, Staff Attorney , works in the Center's Urban Wildlands Program to safeguard habitat for endangered species by limiting sprawl development. Her just-published book , sponsored by the Guggenheim and Russell Sage Foundations, is about how we compare ourselves all the time, and the problems this makes for us as individuals, partners, students, employees, and citizens.

Frustration with the political realities of his country and his own life as poet turned lawyer are counter-balanced by deep ties of personal friendship and love. His research specialties include the Cretaceous—Tertiary extinction event and mass extinctions generally. The only thing I wish they taught a little more is front-end frameworks like ReactJS.

Her work is in collections at Wellesley College and Harvard University. Regina Romero, Director of Latino Engagement , helps build partnerships with Latino advocacy groups and elected officials in the Southwest and Mexico and works to elevate the Center's mission of biodiversity and the environment within the Latino community, as well as to help increase their participation in the process.

Connect with Erin on LinkedIn. In worked on the Clinton for President primary campaign including stints in Little Rock, running the Florida State Convention straw ballot operation, and in the Illinois primary; in the fall oversaw the Clinton-Gore coordinated campaign in California. Product manager at Meetup. Principal product designer at Pegasystems, His site is www. Patrick Donnelly, Nevada State Director , works to defend the wildlife and wild places of Nevada, with a focus on carnivores and endemic species.

Listen to our podcast or read the full August News Roundup below. Moved to San Francisco in She also has experience in science communication and event planning, writing for the Brown Medical School magazine and TED. Welcome to our last monthly coding bootcamp news roundup of ! Deputy director for intergovernmental affairs in the New Jersey Governor's Office, He became fascinated with using insights from behavioral economics to solve social issues as a public health intern at Bloomberg Philanthropies.

The other was an undecided voter, and the volunteer was provided with specific information to address that voter's concerns. Before joining ideas42, Andrew was a William J. Communications director for Rep. Researching and Crafting a Compelling Biography. Kennedy, Tom Disch, and David Yezzi. His additional research interests include applied microeconomic theory, industrial organization, online advertising, and market design.

Native of Granville, Ohio. My past experience was very valuable. He holds a bachelor of science in ecology and systematics from the University of Nebraska and a master's in environmental studies from the University of Montana. Her quirkiest job was working at a bridal shop featured on reality television, and if she had an alter ego she would be a makeup artist for runway shows.

He is also an adjunct follow of the Cato Institute. Now back in New Mexico, Petronis serves as the managing editor for the Alumni Relations department at the University of New Mexico, where she edits the alumni mag, tweets with abandon, and has the fabulous excuse of getting reacquainted with her alma mater.

We could not have done it without you. He has also published under the names Henry Sutton, David Benjamin, Lynn Meyer, and Henry Lazarus, and one of those pseudonymous novels sold more than four million copies. Dev Bootcamp teaches you how to teach yourself, how to be vulnerable, and how to debug code — all of those things are essential to being a developer. Howard Dean's presidential campaign Internet team, where he wrote and edited emails and also worked on message development, online brand building, and grassroots organizing.

The instructors are great -- always willing to answer questions, and even if you are in a time-crunch they will make themselves available to you. Barya has just completed revising a collection of 15 short stories, City of Antelopes.

This did not include consultants. Weekly Roundup April 1, The Hudson Valley Writers' Center. Graduate of the University of Washington, She was an original Reader for electricliterature. Political director at the Common Purpose Project, Sept. Before Dev Bootcamp, did any of you ever think you would have been able to build something like this? Perhaps another Wesleyan theater major in the making?