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The variety was superb. Still, there can be little doubt that he is indeed talking about the Voynich MS see also below. It makes writing look easy.

Let the company know right off the bat that you believe in this person. It is clear that Kircher had looked at the mysterious writing, supposed that it requires effort rather than genuis to solve, but he has not been successful. RP Richard Pimentel Apr 9, Not Helpful 1 Helpful 6. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Marci was clearly very eager to know Kircher's opinion, because after sending this letter he had his friend Godefrid Aloys Kinner ask Kircher on two occasions if he had made any progress with his mysterious book letters 66 and 67 below.

Marci's first letter to Kircher was sent on 3 August , while still on the way back from Rome to Prague. BT Brian Thoms May 27, Bonham's determination and drive occasionally led to butting heads and conflicting opinions. Both this letter and letter 37 were apparently not filed by Kircher in his volumes of correspondence.

I found the recommended format most helpful. Georgius Baresch, writes that he already sent a letter 1. It was originally transcribed by M. Introduction Your qualifications, how you know the candidate, general recommendation. This letter has not been preserved. All other references are clear and plain, and there can be no doubt that all letters refer to the same MS, which we now know as the Voynich MS.

It is his penultimate letter to Kircher, as far as we know. We can safely conclude that he also received it, because the collection in which Voynich found the MS with the letter was one hidden by P. Beside the MS itself, Marci sends the attempts by Barschius in translating it, which should demonstrate to Kircher how much he has tried over the years.

If you are put in the position of writing your own letter of recommendation, perhaps for somebody else to sign, be honest and specific. This is, however, not at all extraordinary. Write your letter so that it is focused on this purpose. Tips Keep the tone and the content factual, businesslike, and specific throughout. Kircher clearly did not file all letters consistently into his bound correspondence.

Kircher's response covers three topics: I obtained a transcription of the letter through the kind collaboration of the historians running this digitisation project 3. After that, use either the first name or a title Ms. Describe what the person has done using specific instances and examples, rather than generalities. It just briefly mentions Barschius and Santinus. Is it for an academic post, a job, a volunteer position, a background check, or a personal reference?

In my 32 years as Dean, I have rarely been so impressed. Familiarize yourself with the position. We may infer this from at least one letter of Marci to Kircher from , in which Marci includes a positive recommendation of Barschius' character letter 40 below. It is known from studies of Kircher's correspondence that many letters are missing from it FB Fredric Beyer Apr 5, It is shown here with the kind permission of the library.

And I had many conversations, both as her professor and a peer, that I will remember happily for years. I can't and shouldn't take anything for granted. Apart from that, everything is there: The description of the MS with unintelligible writing found in letter 39b is a brief but adequate description of the Voynich MS.

Bonham in her role as Committee President. His intention is to highlight those points that support his thesis that it is a book concerning medicine.

I can recall solving many writings of this kind when the occasion presented itself, and the itch of my mind working would have tried out some ideas on it if only many very urgent tasks did not call me away from unsuitable work of this kind.

Blue arrows are references from letters to earlier letters. Alterum denique folium quod ipsi ignoto characteri genere scriptum uidebatur illyrico idiomate, charactere quem D. The cross-references are visualised in the following figure:. AN Ana Novak Apr 4,