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A smell I had never smelled before. I got to hear part of his last song but didn't make it inside to actually see him. BOC came out and did a double set and blew everyone away! I did not rejoin the tour until Aug 5 in San Diego Badfinger played a tight solid set, but did not play any of their hits like day after day, no matter what, come and get it or baby blue despite the crowd loudly yelling for all of those songs.

Their travel itinerary would've taken them right through Mobile. I know most in attendance left in disappointment and this had an adverse affect on the band's popularity in the area for some time hence. Most of us concluded that the only reason they were on the bill was that they knew all the cocaine dealers in the bay area.

I only recently threw away an old medicine bottle from that Hammond pharmacy, or I would have something with a date to scan for you, but as this was the only time I even remember being in Hammond, there's you a NEW gig for our ever growing list The rain didnt stop Heart. We drove over that very day. Previously, we have gotten a lot of criticism about not being able to put it "down on vinyl.

It looks like this would have been in early October of ' Which I never did Louie From Jersey This great gig was actually two great gigs.

So, I spent the next couple of years wearing out the record, and spreading the message. When my brother dropped me off at home I'm pretty sure I went into my bedroom and cried. In the first shot above that shows the long skid mark, I'm standing at the back of the trailer with my cutoff shorts on I remember, now that you mentioned it.

If they leant more heavily on their repertoire and allowed a greater degree of flexibility into the set then Britain would see the band operate at the same intensity they generated in the clubs. They were touring "Mirrors" and they opened with "Dr.

This my very first BOC concert I saw. I had tried to see them in another small joint, the Ocean Ice Palace in , but they cancelled. I guess it was Rainbow's fault. There was a guy about two people in front of us who got the last ticket. Didn't partake, but definitely found it interesting. Overall, this Brighton rock was average Cult. Boston came on next and knew what the crowd wanted to hear. A Tale of Two Cities on Flame It may take a while for some of the new songs to take hold like the old ones.

And, Blue Oyster Cult does do some nice things on the album. It was only later the I realized the historic significance of those shows. I have seen a few laser shows and nothing compared to the one I saw that night. A much better tour and much better album than Mirrors. I remember being blown away by Buck's playing, just like on the album, but with loudness, and reality in a white suit!!

Kirshner's "In Concert" or "Midnight Special" maybe???? My ears buzzed for days. Various Artists - On The Mountain: We were disapointed and refunded the tickets. That type biz arrangement is why the other members of BOC hate even the mention of that "Imaginos" piece of crap Ralph Carol kindly sent a jpeg of her stub along which clearly said "10 December ".

As I recall, we made a last minute decision to attend and got there as the opening band was finishing up. By the end of the second song, "Dr.

I was just 16 years old. Roeser's lead work on "Mirrors" captured the subtlety of the song and Albert Bouchard's delivery of "Cities on Flame" was nothing short of gonzo magic; serious heat. Maybe he was an environmentalist or something? Ralph 18 June is my best guess as to the actual release date of "Mirrors" - if you read the first post below, you'll see that Gail reckons it was the following day, because EB announced that fact from the stage.

Thanks for having this site. The opening act was Ian Hunter, formerly of Mott the Hoople. Rainbow also played with them 3 night's later in Chicago. The group made full use of the darkening Cotton Bowl with lighting effects that at times actually litup the entire stadium. Ian and Mott were my favorites back then and don't ever remember them playing Columbia.

We got there early and realized there was two shows. Ralph With Rainbow cancelling the previous gig in Springfield and the next night after this gig in Indianapolis, you have to wonder if they cancelled this gig also. Anecdotally, I've heard that this was a two-set show but this site doesn't refer to 2 sets The thing is, although I have never heard that song live at any other show, I do have a very strong conviction I have seen it performed live so Southampton '79 would have to be the one.

The Riverside Arena in Austin is a small venue and that would fit into the aspect of getting the "bugs" out before engaging in the real world tour. Near the end of the second encore a large fireworks sign over the stadium read "Thank You Texas From Boston.

I'd go for the closing chords of the single hit, a fine song but definite millstone. The gig with BOC was memorable because that's when we learned that their singer, Brian Connolly, was no longer with the band. I had never seen Deep Purple or Ritchie Blackmore live before, and I've gotta tell you, they really stole the show. The Gaumont wasn't a huge theatre but the band members seemed very small ok ok I know that now and far away.

Confirmed by the Civic Center venue website and gives the attendance as 5, out of a maximum "sell out" capacity of Lyrics were distorted and unrecognizable.

Alternate strobes were used to an eerie effect during an extended solo by drummer Albert Bouchard in a "Godzilla" medley. Any info on this would be great! They were only scheduled for one concert but because the venue was so small and sold out so fast they did an additional concert the next night.