I usually do my homework after dinner

Medicine is my life! UK English - England. My rule which applied to me when I was in school and later to my children is when you get off the bus you have 15 - 30 minutes to get a snack, relax, play whatever We've tried doing it after dinner and all that got us was her, my hubby and me all sitting around the table til 10 p.

You might consider having her read when she is in bed just after her bath time. I have cheer practise on tuesdays and thursdays after school from No, you don't make exercises, in the same way that you don't make homework. Daffyduck , Apr 5, Add activities on top of that we have girl scouts and dance , and the situation is even more complicated. I mean yes it is a mistake but often mistakes will be understood?

You make a physical object bookcase, garden, knitted pullover I think that Daffyduck has the right idea: Snack right when they walk in the door mins , then homework straightaway while their brains are still in "school" mode.

Now the activities are getting in the way of that, and I also care for 2 other children after school. My kids play and have a snack for a little while after school half an hour or so and then they do their homework. I wouldn't want to leave homework to be done starting at 7: Between the actual homework sheets, computer tutorials, spelling lists, math facts, ongoing reading to get AR points, tests, etc.

Then you as a family can have some down time after dinner instead of spending all evening being stressed over homework. This Site Might Help You. Eat dinner and do homework, then go to bed basically. Thank you for the replies. Get out at 2: At school do you usually think about Y! IMO what usually works best is to have a little down time immediately after school, go outside get some air, eat a snack, etc.

AH, the eternal dilemma. Especially since the weather has been so nice lately, we tend to head to the beach after class if we can. What do you usually do after school? In English, work of all kind is done , and not made. Cannot wait for summer: Daffyduck New Member Portuguese. The TV does not get turned on until the work is completed. Share This Page Tweet. Many languages would use words that would literally translate to "I make my homework" where we say "I do my homework.

After school is best and definitely start with the hardest thing first. Teens - What do usually do after school? On wednesdays I have volleyball. So it sounds wrong but everybody does know I do my homework, thats what I mean? I would give he a 30 min break and then start homework. Then if she needs some help, you can give her some full attention after dinner, the goal is for her to get it done before dinner. Log in or Sign up. BUT, if homework is not complete after dinner then no t.

If they have an unusual amount, they can certain return to homework after dinner. As for the math facts, maybe we can try those on Saturdays! No, create an account now. Eric Holder Attorney General until is calling for violence against Republicans. Are people who are to years old considered teenagers? Can you say I make a cake, instead of bake, I make dinner, instead of cook, etc.? Poets and dramatists don't usually talk about making a poem or a play, like they did in the 16th century.

Girona, Spain English U. That's what works for my kids, but other kids are different. Add a Question Ask Login Toggle navigation.