How to make creative writing better

Keep a collection of images from magazines and even store flyers to prompt writing when your child needs encouragement. English is not my native language, so these tips are especially useful to me as a blogger.

They avoid making the common mistakes which is the sign of any amateur writer. I loved the graphic opening of this post; great way to illustrate the point! You might have the greatest plot and characters in history, and your scenery and everything may be perfect. Whose idea was this, anyway? Again thanks very much! Checking to see if tightduckediting url is available.

Lina Jan 09, From emails to social media posts, nearly every So glad to hear that about the strike-through section. Katharine Jan 13, This is such a fantastic resource! Chris Elliz Jan 09, Kathy H Porter Jan 16, Honestly I deserve to read it a few more times in order to obtain complete understanding..

Shazma Khan Feb 26, Cory Peppler Jan 09, Shane, If you were a baseball pitcher your post was a fastball right down the middle, the pitch everyone swings at but few hit. You know I blush easily! You want them to continue down your slippery slope of powerful content all the way to your call to action — without getting jarred from their trance to contemplate commas with their inner editors or a Google search.

Lisa Jan 09, This type of writing is meant to entertain the reader. Powered by Sylvan Learning. The whois data of your comment should help us determine this. The way you set it up made me want to read all the way to the end.

You can put these tips right next to those yummy brews of yours. I have work to do! But I know there are gaps I need to close. Would you be shocked to learn that their writing is no better than yours? Am I the only one who read this and cried? I feel that sometimes one word substitutions subdue the effect that I am trying to convey. Mark Hermann Jan 09, Creative writing requires higher-level thinking from your child.

They continue to improve their writing. One of the reasons Stephen King is my favorite writer is because he is the master of the edit. Really enjoyed how you chased the little rabbits out the fields! Jawad Khan Jan 09, I think creativity is more like a personal expression; it is wild, untamed and impatient. Some times I detect the use of extraneous words but most of the time they escape and creep into my writing.

I have been a teacher for long and the greatest trouble with students has always been this. I have pared it down into a checklist that people who have studied English grammar will understand:. Paul Harvie Jan 09, Cathy Miller Jan 23, I wish to see more posts of this quality and value on major blogs. I have clearly under edited many of my posts. Weak verbs with nouns? As an editor, I am unqualified to stop you from happy dancing.

I think you need to have a slam poetry session with Grammar Girl and record it for posterity. The post you have created here is life-changing for me. Sign up to receive the best of our blog each month. I wish they taught creative writing like this in college. Hey Shane, thanks — one hell of a post.

Love the alliteration you used there! Hello again, CCC superstar. In fact, you could consider them downright boring, plain, and inconsequential. Create a writing environment Becoming a creative writer takes practice and needs interest. Yes, you can apply these rules to your old posts too! You have to keep at it. Editing your writing should take into account both.

You are so kind. This is why you remain my favorite editor, Shane. However, I really like how you simplified it all and gave great examples. My son recently completed his PhD in English and he talks like that too. Nice that you like my homepage copy, Shane. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Jay Croft Aug 13, Thanks for taking the time to share it here. Mario Zeleny Jan 09, Must go back and edit older posts but while trying to keep my voice intact.