How to get away with doing your homework

Not Helpful 28 Helpful Notice how your teacher reacts when other students forget their homework to gauge how much you can get away with. Instead of blaming the printer or your laptop, etc. Say that you need to work on the computer. Then you can quickly do the assignment during lunch.

Right click over the file and select 'Open With So your parents check your history? Destroy the assignment if it's on a CD or flash drive. After that, forcefully change its format into. Explain your difficulties and ask for their help. If not, consider looking into hiring a tutor. Get to know your teacher first. Ask if you can lay down for the period. Maybe you ran out of time, or you fell asleep early. Ask a friend or adult to help you not give your work to others.

Don't be cocky or blow your teacher off. Remember that your teacher probably got into teaching because he is passionate about his subject. A mobile app can be used as well; there are many task and schedule organizers designed to help students organize their time and homework activities. Crack the CD in the case before class then carry a lot of stuff to the class and fall or drop everything as you walk into class.

Many textbooks have all or half of the answers listed in the back of the book especially math books. Make it look like you did the work if your teacher only glances at your homework. Is it okay to leave a few questions unanswered when turning in homework? By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

Tell your parents you did all your homework at school already during lunch or during your study hall. Thanks for letting us know. So what happens if you forget to do one of the assignments? It will now default to opening in word and look like a corrupt word document!

One of the most important parts of getting a little leeway from your teacher is to not insult their intelligence. If you find yourself struggling to finish all of your homework because of time constraints, use small bits of downtime to help you make more of a dent in your work.

Sometimes work can be a great distraction when you're feeling low. Sitting around and wallowing in your feelings won't make anything better. You can make a deal with a friend that if they do your assignment this time, you'll get them back another time.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. And--this part is important--keep your word. In that time I write the paper and submit it. Thanks for letting us know.

He may give you an extension or tell you not to worry about it this time. I must have forgotten it. Be aware that this is a common and pretty flimsy excuse, so your teacher may not buy it.

When your teacher opens it, it will show up an error. Look up the answers online or in the back of the book. It would be extremely difficult to do this without skipping school. Your teacher may have found the worksheets or questions online, too, so search for the answers online. If your teacher expects you to email her your assignment, ask her the next day if she got your email. You need to phrase things in your own way, rather than copying and pasting.

Help answer questions Learn more. I've also tried to contact friends for their help, but still no luck, what do I do? However, if your teacher has a good memory or writes homework on the board or on a school website, there is a high chance this will not work.

It is not okay. Go see a guidance counselor during the class period. I have to redo a huge assessment and it's for a super strict teacher. In the top of the properties name change.