Customer service writing activities

She has a wealth of experience working alongside contact centers, improving processes and delivering engaging, effective and fun learning and development solutions. Subscribe to Userlike Developments. By utilizing the added power that comes from collaboration, we can create better results not just in remembering lists of words, but in fixing issues for our customers. Asking your customer questions to explore why they wanted a certain thing, allows you to offer an alternative that more closely matches their requirements — even if the original request was totally impossible to fulfill!

Once they have identified a person, search for that person on YouTube and play a short clip of video of them talking. Let us know in the comments below. Yet it's terribly challenging to maintain after an encounter with an angry customer. Hopefully you should all be familiar with the concepts here. Feel free to replace any or all of the objects with items relevant to your workplace. Customer service training ideas.

The people in Group A play angry customers. These skills are obviously valuable in a customer service environment, in which adaptability is crucial. Explain that the object of this activity is to explore how best to offer alternatives. They should be able to recognize that different questions are useful in different situations. The problem is that these skills are usually developed subconsciously throughout our lives. Tell your team you are going to tell them a story.

Congratulate the person who remembered the most. Once the pairs have finished, ask the requesters whether their original request was more closely matched when they were asked a few questions about why they wanted what they did. By looking at the specifics of what great communicators do in their words, tone, facial expressions and body language, we can identify and borrow some of these things to improve the way we communicate. This is also a great activity for discussing similarities and differences between team members and emphasizing the importance of diversity.

The service reps in Group B are given the task to resolve the situation. February 7th, Kaye Chapman Customer Service. A rare combination, indeed. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Have you tried any of these activities? You can do some Googling of any of these concepts, ask me, or ask the colleague who suggested it a little more about how they apply this to help make their work better.

Then, tell the partner that they will need to change three things about their appearance. For example, A might be Accountability.

The improvised performance is based on certain principles — principles that can be mastered through training. The best teams collaborate to get results. They are either handed a certain complaint, or can think of one themselves think ridiculous complaints, e. Ask the team why they think this is. What makes a good customer service representative? It can take a lot of courage to accept new ways of being, and stop holding on to what was.

Give them thirty seconds to do this. Do you have any questions about how they might run or what other activities or knowledge could support them? Are you looking for training games to fill 5, 10 or 20 minutes in a team meeting, buzz session or training program?

According to a study published in , much of the stress we experience actually derives from fear of social rejection. When participants start to protest about the amount of changes, stop and move to discussion.

To make this harder, you can suggest they are not allowed to use physical attributes, such as hair color, height etc. The service rep gets a thorough exercise in conflict resolution, while the ones playing the customers get a training in empathy — filling the shoes of the customers they engage with on a daily basis. Once you have finished telling the story, you will ask them a question about what they have just heard.

Similar findings were shared in a paper on The Neuroscience of Joyful Education. This improv game is played in a group, divided up in pairs. See our tips on dealing with difficult behaviour and complaint handling. Ask them to do this for each letter of the alphabet, writing the words on the board next to their letters.

Give the team 30 seconds to remember the items on the list, then give them another minute or so to write down as many as they can remember. They, too, have a goal — to calm down the customer and minimize the damage as much as possible. The Dale Carnegie Training Institute shares their method for memorizing names on their website: Prepare by drawing up the alphabet in columns on a flipchart or whiteboard, with spaces next to each letter to write a word or short phrase.