Creative writing success criteria ks2

MattRich , Sep 20th We think these might be helpful! What would you like to know? R Twinkl , Jun 5th Kizzyl0u , Jun 5th Ggoodin , Oct 7th Make sure you have everything you need to design a truly great story setting with this handy checklist!

I will use it as part of the introduction of the first term of my year 4 class in the topic "Stories set in imaginary worlds". Year 5 Term 1 Reading Assessment Pack.

Borjo25 , Aug 6th Linked to this resource: What are members downloading now? Should be very useful! Other community members love It works best alongside similar checklists for other stages of a story. Pencil Control Activity Sheets. Letters and Sounds Workbook s, a, t, p. Halloween-Themed Mindfulness Colouring Sheets. About to use the editable version of this for a Year 3 class doing a setting description. Sign in Join Let me know if this resource is updated. This can be used to encourage children to create intrigue and interest for the reader by including these 'ingredients'.

I used this resource as a self assessment tool for the children and it linked well with the success criteria for writing a fictional story opening. Add points of your own too if you think of any more. Loved this, used this for my work with year 4's 'imaginary worlds' getting them to peer assess. Hi Kizzyl0u, I'm pleased you found this resource helpful! Amazing Microorganisms Activity Sheet. Get in touch Support communities.

Create an account to start reviewing resources, or if you already have an account, sign in! We really appreciate your feedback and I hope your lovely class enjoy it! Phonics - Exclusive Sample. Picture and Prompts Writing Template.