Creative writing on war and peace

Wonderful piece Phyllis, again beautifully researched and written in question of our future. I enjoyed and appreciate your comment. For more information and to submit your entry — or entries if you are feeling particularly adventurous — please use the following email address:.

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Tips Try to provide something of value to the reader, who is investing their time in reading your work. How can I get started? Write a story that involves multiple characters finding peace. Fw boreham essays on leadership. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.

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Write a poem about a time when someone encouraged you to make positive changes in your life with the intention of having a more peaceful life. Thanks for reading and commenting. We will be accepting submissions until the end of the first half term on Wednesday 24 th October, A personal essay or memoir is a work of non-fiction based on your life. Write a story about a world that does not even know what peace is.

Ragnarok was caused by all the gods warring against each other for power and the right to rule. Communicate with other writers. If you are writing a non-fiction work about an actual person or event, include specific details about the key players to make them more interesting to your reader. Write a poem in the form of a letter to someone who truly needs to find peace or a community who has not even seen a glimpse of peace.

Then stick to your schedule and try not to stress over the deadline. Once you know what you want to write, just begin writing. Adapt your thoughts into a story. Do people even want peace? And the Morrigan flew over the battlefield to choose the dead. Whether you are writing for fun or to satisfy a school assignment, planning a creative writing piece can be a challenge. Remember what Hitler accomplished with the idea to rid the world of an entire race of people?

Write a story based on a current event where people are working together to try and give a community peace. Displacing of Indian tribes lasted for many years after the wars ended. Did this article help you? This character is beginning to lose hope and to stop caring about his or her activities for promoting peace. Examples of genre fiction are romance, mystery, science fiction, and fantasy. You don't have to start writing a piece at the beginning.

Think of a topic. Write about what happens after this character ambitiously pursues this idea. Try not to overthink things, or you might have difficulty getting started.

Winds carried off the groans of pain and blown away the odor of death. Remember the big picture. We don't believe in artificial word limits to cramp the style of any budding writer. A common variety of writing is adaptation, where the author bases the idea for their piece on an existing work. Write your own way. The best writing is always simple, clear, and concise. Thought it could never happen?

Observe what is happening around you and turn it into a story. The word blog is a shortened form of the term web log, which can refer to any type of writing that is published regularly on the internet. Set your story in the modern day world, but change one very key element — imagine that dinosaurs never went extinct, electricity was never invented, or aliens have taken over the planet.

Maybe you passed out gifts to help someone feel more at peace during their day? Think about the traits of these leaders. Maybe they never maintained friendships, lost touch with family or have always felt discontent with their job. These cycles are our learning and until we dispense with religious dogma, and find true spiritual values in life, there will always be those who set out to undermine, control or gain. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories.

Writing is something almost everyone does, but creative writing is a passion too often kept hidden and personal. Assimilation into post-war world.

After those two weeks, write a poem dedicated to each of those things that make you feel at peace. The anthology will then be available to purchase for anyone interested in seeing the full range and scope of writing produced. Draw on an interesting or unusual event that happened in your own life.

Write a poem about the things that you feel would need to happen to feel at peace with yourself. Over the autumn half term, we will consider all the entries that have been submitted and select from them a range of submissions that we feel best embody the themes of war and peace, public and private conflict. Thank you for visiting. Certain types of novels are so popular that they belong to their own category, or genre. Just try to get words onto the page, and don't worry if they are good or not.