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This is a first version of the University of Iowa General Catalog. Barbara Haas Associate Professor University of California-Irvine, In my CNF essays I coax from raw facts and empirical data the kind of nonfiction narrative that is at once grounded in information but also emotionally evocative. Literary, Visual, and Performing Arts a, b.

Students may use elective courses to earn credit towards the total s. Courses in the Social Sciences area focus on human behavior and the institutions and social systems that shape and are shaped by that behavior. Students with previous knowledge of Sanskrit should consult the department for appropriate placement. Courses in the Natural Sciences area explore the scope and major concepts of a scientific discipline. His books include a novella, Socket , published by Anvil Press, and two novels published by Soho Press —The Sandbox , published in , and Caring is Creepy, published in Many of the courses are repeatable, enabling students to further develop in a particular writing form.

Students must take both CLSL: Her memoir, The Horizontal World: I have traveled extensively in service of this aim. Download PDF of this page. World Languages Second Level Proficiency or elective course e. Students also explore the historical and structural bases of inequality and the benefits and challenges of diversity.

Courses range across print and digital media, exposing students to the history and practice of literary publishing while developing their skills in editing, proofreading, and writing with clarity and purpose.

Area Requirement A minimum of 3 s. Students reflect critically on their own social and cultural perspectives while increasing their ability to engage with people who have backgrounds or ideas different from their own. All students must complete at least 7 s. Courses in Greek are offered by the Department of Classics. The following courses may be designated as fulfilling the Multiethnic American Literature and Culture requirement depending on course content, which varies by semester consult MyUI for semester-specific information: For additional sample plans, see MyUI.

Some students may be evaluated as ready for GRMN: The creative writing electives give students flexible choices to focus on fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or other genres of writing, and allow students to experiment across genres. A co-editor of Nothing to Declare: Each of these courses is open to entering first-year students. Before the seventh semester begins: Send Page to Printer.

Enrollment in world languages courses requires a placement exam, unless enrolling in a first-semester-level course. To avoid duplication or regression, consult the appropriate language department before registering for courses.

All students must complete at least 3 s. Courses in Arabic are offered by the Department of French and Italian. The Master of Fine Arts in English with a creative writing subprogram features advanced courses in writing fiction and poetry. Editing, Book Design, or Revision.

Students must complete one multiethnic American literature and culture course at least 3 s. Before the fifth semester begins: World Languages First Level Proficiency or elective course e. My short story collection is When California Was an Island. Courses provide an overview of one or more social science disciplines, their theories, and their methods.

Craft, Practice, Pleasure ; and an approved introduction to creative writing course consult advisor Before the seventh semester begins: The English and creative writing major prepares students for a wide variety of career paths including teaching, medicine, law, graduate school, and jobs in the private and nonprofit sector where writing, organization, research, and communication is highly valued.

Students with previous knowledge of Spanish should take the language placement test in Spanish to help determine proper placement. All entering first-year students are required to complete RHET: Students with previous knowledge of Swahili should consult the department for appropriate placement. Students in the publishing track must complete the following. During the eighth semester: The major enables students to experience the historical, traditional, and innovative aspects of literature in English and the relationship between critical reading and creative writing.

Consult the department for more information. Sample plans represent one way to complete a program of study. Rhetoric courses develop speaking, writing, listening, and critical reading skills and build competence in research, analysis, and argumentation.

Transfer credit is not accepted for the Diversity and Inclusion requirement; students must complete this requirement with course work taken at the University of Iowa.