Cell phones while doing homework

Sherry Turkle and Dr. One study showed that kids that use the internet while in class did poorly on tests resulting in lower grades. Since the emergence of hand held devices and social networking sites like FaceBook teachers have noticed a difference in academic performance, critical thinking skills and how information is processed.

You are teaching your child skills for life long learning, job habits and how to be a good parent as well. Multitasking affects learning as performance degrades and time is lost with every task that is multitasked say Dr. In the long term it will be well worth your time and effort to teach your kids the art of focusing. When your child is supposed to be doing homework, are they chatting with their friends on Facebook or playing games? Multitasking While Doing Homework. When your child is online doing homework, are they also on Facebook, playing games and texting?

When kids understand how multitasking affects their learning… they may decide to turn off those devices and do a good job on the homework assignment at hand.

We need to be teaching our kids that multitasking is a myth and teach them the art of paying attention and focusing on one task at a time. Edward Hallowell says this is a myth. The reality is that shifting tasks results in poor job performance.

Many people believe that they can perform two or more tasks simultaneously, but ADHD expert and psychiatrist, Dr. We need to teach our children this life-long-learning-skill before they go to college. In the long run, the shifting of attention by multitasking affects grades. Most kids want to do well in school and they need to understand that multitasking affects academic performance.