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I think your third grader would do just fine jumping in at the third grade level of either BJU or ABeka or whatever program you decide to go with. Read more of his reviews here. Please update your browser for increased security and the best site experience. However, after teaching 7th and 8th grade students in a Christian school, I knew I didn't like the writing program one bit.

I like how it is set up to teach in an organized way, but we can still go at our own pace. Tami Tinajero February 22, at 8: My husband and I have talked him off the ledge, so to speak, many times. Elizabeth May 12, at 6: Separate texts cover grades , with the emphasis on composition.

Jen March 28, at 5: Jamie Unlikely June 13, at 7: Anonymous April 25, at 5: Elizabeth May 9, at Switched to IEW in middle school. Thank you very much for your time.

Our math program, Teaching Textbooks, has built in quizzes that help to introduce the concept of testing, as well. We started homeschooling three years ago with just Abeka. God's Gift of Language A-C for grades focus on grammar and sentence construction. Jamie Erickson May 30, at 7: A maker of slow food and simple living. I actually have not noticed a change in their English program at all, to be honest. For more information please go to A Beka Online. Anonymous June 13, at 6: So, although I utilized the ABeka Language testing materials back in my classroom days, I have never used any of those resources for homeschooling purposes and therefore have no valuable opinions of either the ABeka Language or the BJU English tests or test keys.

It is called Creative Writing — with Penmanship Skills , and it is geared towards children in 6th grade. I can see why my madness would raise questions about by method. Learning how to write stories can be very beneficial for children, and they are already natural story tellers… A Beka Books offers a great way to introduce your children to story writing.

So my question is, since you are from the world of classroom teaching, what made you decide to not grade and test your children? The BJU English Teacher's Edition is an all-inclusive resource providing both the answer key to the student book, as well as the lesson plans and teacher's notes. My kids were in public school and faced some anxiety over testing.

I begin ABeka in K-2 because I know and like it and have never had a reason to try anything different. That later led her to develop the essay writing skills that she would later need in college. Or "Write a story about Abe Lincoln". And really only needed in a school setting where a parent and school administrator would need physical proof of what was or was not mastered. If your order arrives in multiple packages over several days, shipping is still free.

I hope those questions make sense. What spelling curriculum are you currently using? They say the BJU video's are boring and babyish. She was finding ways to express her feelings. I like cursive and I hate to see it become a "lost art," but cannot think of a time as an adult or college student when it was actually useful other than signing my name or writing on decorated cakes.

Jamie Erickson August 28, at 6: That's so awesome, Tami! Customize Your Homeschooling with Flexible Options. I think kids would be able to transition well regardless of how much formal writing instruction they had previously.

We used BJU Press this year for first and third and due to some life changes, we were unable to finish. I can never decide if I need it or not. Set your homeschool day on autopilot! I should also mention, that I do not give my children tests. This course moves somewhat slower than others, mainly due to consistent review. Your browser is out of date. There is also a test book and key, neither of them essential.

I tried to follow the teacher plan for the full curriculum and just couldn't keep up on all of it for my 1st and 2nd grade boys. I was wondering if you would suggest any curriculum to go by starting out that would draw their eye and make them interested in learning. Different poem forms, alliteration, metaphors, and more are several English tools that your child will be able to recognize and use.

Teach him to observe the world around him, and then write about it. I plan to homeschool when they are in 1st and 2nd this upcoming school year. So for this reason, we also switched to BJU about the same time. Then they were asked to narrow down to one. There is more to read, and exercises are longer and require more analytical thinking. A test is usually given in a traditional school setting in order to provide the school district and the parent with a tangible assessment of the child's progress.